La Cloche Silhouette – 5 Days, 95km

Starting out the day with a proper A&W breakfast.

The sun rises on Highway 400 as we embark to Killarney Provincial Park.

The first day was the best in terms of weather.

One of the great things about doing this trail is seeing the interior of the park away from the swarms of yelling and screaming kids

Gotta keep on going. 80 more kilometres.

From the top of The Crack. Yelling and screaming kids are out of the frame.

Man vs. Nature.

Hyperfocal distance.

Ed charging up the rocks.

70grams of Bacon Grease

Killarney Provincial Park

The last remnants of winter’s snow hiding away in the shadows. Ed’s new quilt is the armour.

Good morning!

Pushing past the beautiful views.

Across the way from campsite H35. And one of the better campsites that we had booked.

A few minutes later while I was hanging up my bear bag, i hear Ed exclaim “Wow, look at those colours!” I drop my food bag onto the ground take a quick photo and then proceed to hauling up my food bag back into the trees.

Ed looking onto Heaven Lake. A true gem of a campsite.

For me, a lot of the beauty of the trail was looking onto the lakes and trees. Further on the La Cloche trail, we would find ourselves deep into areas with seemingly unending kilometres of dead trees. I did not enjoy that part of the trail.

I think I could have stayed at Heaven Lake for the entire trip. #chillax

Day in, day out. Everyday started at 7am towards our next campsite.

This day had a few very light rain drops, but that was it and we were both tremendously glad we didn’t have any rain whilst on the trail.

Probably the best blue water in Ontario.

And then there’s this. From the top of Silver Peak. Blah blah gloomy day.

Up and over. I will never get bored of natural cinematic approaches.

At H35 some angel left a freeze dried food package and chicken noodle soup under some birch bark for us. Ed thought it was garbage left over from the previous campers. But my eagle eye for food did not deceive me.

The lookout area next to Silver Peak. Why isn’t the look out *on* Silver Peak?

Steep getaway.

The perfect lunch spot.

Ed had the best cellular reception on this trip. Sony Xperia > iPhone7

Acid Lake.

Taped toes to prevent further blisters on blisters.

We came across this half dead / half alive forest. Super spooky, like wth happened here?

For scale.

The end is near.

The maps on the internet are wrong. WRONG. Like the signs say, the trail is close to 100km.

We hiked approximately 95km.

I looked worse than this on the last day. lol