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Spring in Toronto


Spring in Toronto is officially announced by the Contact Photography Festival and Jane’s Walk. Here are some shots from my weekend urban adventure.



Contact Photography Festival:

40 Years. An Exhibition of Hip Hop Portraits

Curated by Che Kothari and Ryan Paterson

Artists’ work pictured in this story: Jonathan Mannion and Steve Carty

Jane’s Walk

Art and Parks Hidden Between Buildings

Walk Leaders:
Ran Chen
Shawna Bowen

Community Voice:
James Parakh

Bloordale: A Work in Progress

Walk leaders:
Shalana Haslip
Rakesh Tiwari

The Humber River Trail with Jane’s Walk


We had the most absolutely perfect weather for a ride down Toronto’s Humber River Bike Trail as part of the Jane Jacobs Walk, an annual urban-exploration festival. The day started at Union Station with a subway and bus ride up to the head of the trail at the North West corner of the city limits and then the bike back down along the trail to where we started – a 6 hour tour in all! It was truly one of the greatest adventures that I’ve had in my city thanks to my Guides, Zahra and Eric. Thanks, guys!



Film developed and scanned by the wonderful folks at Caribou Film Lab!

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    Thanks for posting these…good to see. You have a good eye…