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Gamercamp 2009

Gamer Camp was awesome. Mark and Jamie did a fantastic job of organizing Gamer Camp V1.0.

It was a highly informative micro-conference with topics ranging from game design to small business management…There were also video games, Red Bull and pizza at the end. I wish EVERY conference ended this way!


[L-R] Gamer Camp organizers Jamie Woo and Mark Rabo:

What is a gaming conference without game themed treats? Created by Catherine at deserts, these delicious cakes tasted as good as they looked!

Gerald Darcy [L] of Replay Classic Arcade Museum starts unloading the arcade games for 1UP, the finale to gamercamp v1.0:

This 1000lb beast of a game was a challenge to fit through the doors:

The controls on this game are awesome. I love it!

[Edit: I didn’t notice this before, but my colleague’s first reaction to this photo was “multi-touch?!”:-). ]

Venue: Lower Ossington Theatre

Terry’s Bridal Shower.

Warren surprised his fiancée at her bridal shower. Let the fun commence!!

The game here was to see how much Terry and Warren know each other. Let’s see how well their answers match up!


Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill

Millgate Park

  • Terry - Thank you Ben for being at my Bridal Shower! You captured the details and event beautifully! I will certainly cherish these photos and the memories captured for a lifetime!