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Gamercamp 2009

Gamer Camp was awesome. Mark and Jamie did a fantastic job of organizing Gamer Camp V1.0.

It was a highly informative micro-conference with topics ranging from game design to small business management…There were also video games, Red Bull and pizza at the end. I wish EVERY conference ended this way!


[L-R] Gamer Camp organizers Jamie Woo and Mark Rabo:

What is a gaming conference without game themed treats? Created by Catherine at www.sweetmeat.ca deserts, these delicious cakes tasted as good as they looked!

Gerald Darcy [L] of Replay Classic Arcade Museum starts unloading the arcade games for 1UP, the finale to gamercamp v1.0:

This 1000lb beast of a game was a challenge to fit through the doors:

The controls on this game are awesome. I love it!

[Edit: I didn’t notice this before, but my colleague’s first reaction to this photo was “multi-touch?!”:-). ]

Venue: Lower Ossington Theatre