LC-A never loses it’s charm


I’ve never been a fan of the Lomo marketing machine. But I’m severely drawn to the undeniable charm of the LC-A. What’s not to love? It’s compact. It’s simple. It’s just plain fun to use! I decided to buy my 3rd LC-A this past weekend, that’s right, 3rd LC-A. The first died in a tragic boating accident. The 2nd is welded onto an instant film back. The new addition to my collection is solely for use with roll film as the instant back doesn’t have a dark slide for any mid-pack swap outs. I’ve been using LC-A’s on and off, mostly off, for over 8 years. I think it’s time for a comeback of sorts.

Anywhos, I’ve gots some photos from the new cam below. Some of the frames overlap because the gears destroyed some of the sprocket holes on the film. I never had this issue with any of my other LC-A bodies. I’ll try a few more rolls to see if happens again.

These guys have so many cameras that they use them for door stops!

I kinda wished that the dog was a Chihuahua.

Resistance Fighter v. Federal Police Lieutenant, neighbors.

Are you charmed yet?


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