Welcome! And Good Luck to me, you, and everyone!

The idea of a place to share my photo projects as they progress along has been on my shelf for quite a long time. I was planning to implement one once my main site was redesigned, but i figured what the heck….And besides, When better to write your first post than 08/08/08. I’m Chinese, it’s supposed to be good luck, or so I’m told:-).

The 2008 Summer Olympics start today so i’m going to make the first post here, umm, sporty.

Go Team Canada!


  • Ben - Thanks for looking.

    Please leave a comment! :-)

  • Joan Calvin - Excellent sports shots. You have captured the moment for sure!
    I can see you are the best!
    Happy shooting!

  • Rachael - Ben – You have an increadible ability to capture a beautiful intimacy between people in your portraits.
    Your photographs are amazing.


  • Leo Yuan - My only comment is:”WOW!!!”

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