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Niagara Falls

Kitsch and wonderment, all in one place. That’s how I would describe Niagara Falls. I mean, how many places have majestic waterfalls and beautiful gardens next to a scare musem and Burger King with pirate flag?

White Meadows Farms

It’s not as glamorous now since they started using blue tubes instead of metal buckets attached to tress to collect sap.

  • Richard Bering - Great picture.
    P.S. White Meadows has always used blue tubes to collect sap. It’s a much more sanitary and efficient way to collect sap vs. using buckets.

  • benjaminwong - Yes, clean and safe syrup is much nicer! But there’s a romantic charm to collecting with buckets :-)

Golden, Crispy Gnocchi


I found an online recipe last week that included pan fried gnocchi. The cook included other stuff on top of the gnoochi as part of a main dish, but i thought the gnocchi could stand on it’s own. And boy, oh boy, did it ever! You can do anything with butter. :-)

Cook the gnocchi normally, drain thoroughly, put in butter laddened fry pan on medium high. toss around to coat with buttery goodness. flip when bottom side is browned. Mmm. This totally made my list of Sunday foods.



  • Bunn Salarzon - I don’t think I’ve ever seen pan-fried gnocchi, but now I want some!!