Nuit Blanche 2008

This is my evening out on the town for the 3rd annual Nuit Blanche 2008. The photos below were taken between 7pm on Saturday, October 4th to 5:20am, Sunday Oct. 5th. The event was supposed to last till 7 in the morning, but both the people and most art installations packed up sometime time just before 5am…Kind of a shame. I’ve been staying up till dawn since the very first Nuit Blanche event in Toronto and its been like that every year. What I’d like to see for future NB’s is the excitment continue on till the later hours of the morning. The energy fizzles out quite abruptly. I suppose the big change for this year’s event was the spreading out of the art installations. I think that alone hat made it a bit harder to get around and see everything. I myself made it to all the zones, but at times I did think that i’d never make it through to all the 3 zones.

A10, Ontario Power Generation Building, Waterfall:

A32, AGO. A Dream of Pastures:

ZoneA, Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD):

A18, Art Gallery of Ontario. Scintillator:

A41, St. Patricks Market Square. Ultra Lime Arts:

A1, City Hall.  Stereoscope:

A2, Eaton Centre. Into the Blue:

Ryerson University. Impromptu Fashion Show By Kat Marks. (i.e. not on the programme)

B9, Church and Colborne. The Greatest Falls:

Zone B, Some alley in the Distillery District.

Drive by (photo) shooting along King St.

C6, East Liberty St. and Lynn Williams St. Overflow:

A16, Dominion/Metro Parking Lot. DANDYBERRY:

C15, Entrance to Liberty Towers Presentation Centre. Orignal Soundtrack:

B11, Across from Lamport Stadium. SMASH! Droppin’ Stuff:

C9, Outside Lamport Stadium:

C18, Warehouse Grill:

A3, Mowat Avenue at Liberty St.. Euphemisms for the Intimate Enemy:

A2, Parking Lot between Mowat and Fraser, South of Liberty. Future (…—…) Perfect:

Zone C: Random art underneath Dufferin st. bridge:

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  • Lynle Go - Ben! OMG these photos are amazing!! You’ve really outdone yourself……again! Me so jealous. Didn’t get to go this year because of several committments going on (always on this weekend). But next year, CALL ME.

  • jonathan hlibka - Thanks for coming and checking out our Cocoon Garden installation at St Patricks!!!!! If you want to post some of your shots on our Facebook page that would be awesome!!!

  • createmo - Thank you for your website ;)
    I made with photoshop backgrounds for myspace,youtube and even more
    my backgrounds:
    take care and thank you again!

  • AmenryAnync - Благодарствую!!! На Вашем сайте часто появляются очень интересные мысли! Очень поднимаете мое настроение.

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